Induction Cook Top 

BergHOFF Touch Screen Induction Cook Top 

The BergHOFF Touch Screen Induction Cook Top has all the features to make it the best induction Cooktop on the market right now. The full glass body ensures the pan doesn’t mistakenly burn the plastic controls that are often seen on cheaper models. The 1800 Watts allows for temperature between  150F to 450F.

Most Important Features of the BergHOFF

The BergHOFF is the most advanced induction cooktop system on the market. It allows for better temperature control than any model we’ve reviewed. There are ten power settings that allow for an increase in temperature by 30 degrees. This allows for better control over temperature.

The glass surface of the BergHOFF allows for easy cleaning but also increases the durability of the cooktop. We’ve reviewed induction cooktops that are glass around the cooking area, but around the controls are plastic.

In our own experience and even our readers have found that if a pan hits the plastic, it will melt it. Therefore having a full glass surface makes the BergHOFF a better choice.

The BergHOFF Touch Screen Induction has a detection system that detects if a pan is on the cooking surface to activate the heating mechanism. Beyond this system, it will automatically shut off after 15mins of not being used. This is a great feature to save energy and for safety.

Temperature Settings and Power Usage

The BergHOFF has an 1800 watts heating power that is channeled through a shatter-resistant tempered glass surface. With ten controls you can easily adjust the temperature of the cooking surface.

Ten adjustable heat settings increase 45 degrees each to reach up to 450 degrees.  This is by far the most powerful burner on the market.

BergHOFF Double Touch Screen Induction Cook Top, Double (Kitchen)

The right kind of pan

The tricky part of an induction cooker is in choosing the right kind of pan to use. It would only work with a stainless steel or an iron pan. For some brands, and if you’re lucky, the induction stove comes with a free cooking pot. However, we didn’t get that with this which is okay because we have lots of pots and pans anyway.

Safety First

Induction cookers are one of the safest ways to cook and reduce the chances of fire from liquefied petroleum gas (LPG.) One of the good things about induction stoves is the elimination of the use of fire when cooking. It is especially helpful and a lot safer for those who have children  at home. Even if the stove is on, the glass surface does not release heat to non-stainless steel surfaces, which includes human skin. This also makes it safer for adults as it avoids burns and accidents.

It heats the pot or pans faster than an ordinary stove which spells faster cooking time. The good thing is, it has an adjustable control and keeps the food warm without actually burning it. It has a built-in design that keeps it from overheating so I can be sure of its safe use.

Other Features of the BergHOFF Touch Screen Induction Cook Top

While I highlighted a few major features. There are still more features that are worth mentioning.

Overheating Protection - Once it hits the highest level, it automatically turns itself down to a lower heat setting.
The glass top - is tempered and shatterproof
LCD Screen - the digits are easy to read on the LCD screen.
Portable -Only 8 pounds and super portable design makes storing easy.
Overall Review

I knew from the beginning that induction stoves are the easiest way to cook. Berghoff has met my expectations since day 1, and I never have any problems with it. If there is one drawback for this product, that would be the price, as it is more expensive than most of its kind. As far as quality is concerned, it works well just like my previous induction cooker, but I have to say this is easier to the touch. Nothing stellar, but I hope I get my money’s worth over time.